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Business Etiquette and Professionalism

When people hear the word business etiquette, some may conjure up an image of a bespectacled curmudgeon, with pinkie finger extended looking down their nose in judgment of how other’s eat, sit and speak.  However, nothing could be further from the truth.  Business etiquette and professionalism have NOTHING to do with snobbery, but EVERYTHING to do with the bottom line!  It all comes down to dollars and cents.

Numerous peer-reviewed studies have confirmed that bad business manners are bad for the bottom line. While skills, education and expertise are very important, and clearly should not to be overlooked, the proven keys to success are the "soft skills."  In fact, studies prove that as much as 85% of professional success is attributed to these skills, while only about 15% is due to technical knowledge. Soft skills are the new hard skills!

Employers are seeking persons with not only the technical skills and knowledge to perform a job, but they are equally interested in hiring persons who are team players and rapport-builders, with the social graces and interpersonal skills necessary to succeed in the global marketplace.

In today’s competitive international arena, the cost of customer acquisition can be substantial. Studies have proven that it is less costly to keep a customer than to acquire a new one.  Knowing the rules of proper business etiquette, professionalism and soft skills are essential and results in tremendous customer service, repeat clients and higher profits!

The Harvit Group has served both private and public clients in the areas of banking and financial services, accounting, medical and health care, pharmaceutical, legal services, real estate, tourism, , business trade and other associations, universities, colleges and many more.  Some past clients include:


  • America College of Healthcare Executives

  • The Dow Chemical Company

  • Practice Management Institute-San Antonio, Texas

  • The Office Managers Association

  • PJM of Philadelphia

  • The Health Plan of Ohio Valley

  • Independent  Insurance Agents of  Kentucky

  • West Virginia Chamber of Commerce

  • West Virginia State Medical Association

  • West Virginia Governors Internship Program

  • Leadership West Virginia

  • Ernst &Young

  • WINUP-Women in Energy

  • Centerplate Hospitality

  • West Virginia Realtors Association - Leadership Circle

  • MVB Bank

  • Old Colony Realtors

  • Real Estate Central

  • ACE Adventures

  • …….and many, many, more

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